Landscaping Services

King Kongtracting is your go-to full-service landscaping company, dedicated to enhancing your outdoor living space. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including the design and installation of stone steps, driveways, and walkways, as well as the selection and planting of shrubs and foliage. Additionally, we specialize in landscape lighting installation and building retaining walls. With our expertise and attention to detail, we’ll transform your outdoor area into a stunning and functional oasis that you’ll love to enjoy.

Full Service Landscaping

King Kongtracting is your comprehensive solution for all your outdoor landscaping needs. Whether you’re envisioning a stunning driveway, intricate walkway, or inviting backyard patio – or perhaps all of the above – we have the expertise and capability to turn your vision into reality. As a full-service landscaping company, we pride ourselves on our ability to handle every aspect of your project with precision and professionalism. What sets us apart is our strong relationships with trusted suppliers, allowing us to source top-quality materials at the best prices for your project. With a reputation for excellence, we come highly recommended by our satisfied clients, who have experienced firsthand the superior service and results we deliver. Let us be your partner in creating the outdoor space of your dreams.

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Our Most Popular Landscaping Services

Retaining Wall Construction

Retaining Wall Construction

At King Kongtracting, we specialize in crafting durable and visually striking retaining walls that seamlessly blend with your outdoor space. Whether you’re looking to level uneven terrain, create garden beds, or add dimension to your landscape, our expert team will design and construct a retaining wall tailored to your needs.

Natural Stone Installation East Gwillimbury

Natural Stone Installation

From intricate pathways and charming front porches to striking kitchen counter tops and captivating water features, our skilled team utilizes high-quality natural stone to create bespoke designs that seamlessly blend with your surroundings. Experience the beauty and durability of natural stone with our exceptional installation services.

Sod Installation

Sod Installation

Sod installation is a quick and effective way to achieve lush, green lawns and vibrant outdoor spaces. At King Kongtracting, we specialize in professional sod installation services that deliver instant beauty and functionality to your property. Our experienced team carefully prepares the soil, selects premium-quality sod, and expertly installs it to ensure a seamless and healthy lawn.

Outdoor Kitchens & Seating

Outdoor Kitchens & Seating

Transform your outdoor space into a culinary haven and relaxation retreat with King Kongtracting. We specialize in creating custom-designed outdoor living spaces that seamlessly blend style, functionality, and comfort. Whether you’re dreaming of hosting lively cookouts under the stars or unwinding with loved ones in a cozy outdoor lounge, we’ll bring your vision to life.

Fire Pits & Outdoor Water Features

Fire Pits & Outdoor Water Features

Fire pits and outdoor water features add ambiance, tranquility, and a touch of elegance to any outdoor space. From sleek and modern fire pit designs to serene waterfalls and ponds, we’ll create a stunning focal point that transforms your outdoor space into a peaceful sanctuary. 

Armour Stone Installation

Armour Stone Installation

Armour stone installation is the key to creating lasting and visually appealing outdoor features. From sturdy retaining walls to elegant garden borders, our skilled team will collaborate with you to design and install custom solutions that meet your unique needs and preferences.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is an essential element in creating a captivating outdoor ambiance and enhancing the beauty of your outdoor space. As a certified Master of Outdoor Lighting, King Kongtracting specializes in designing and installing stunning landscape lighting solutions that illuminate and enhance your landscape features.

Yard Clean Up & Planting

With our softscaping service, our experienced team will meticulously clear debris, trim overgrown vegetation, and prepare the soil for planting. Whether you’re looking to create vibrant flower beds, lush greenery, or add decorative shrubs, we’ll collaborate with you to design a tailored plan that suits your vision and enhances your outdoor aesthetics.


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