Snow Removal Service

Canadian winters can be harsh, making it challenging to keep your property safe and free of slipping hazards due to snow accumulation. Why not take a load off this winter? With King Kongtracting’s snow removal service, you can rest assured that your property will remain clear of snow and ice all season long. Our efficient and high-quality snow removal equipment ensures that your driveway and walkways are promptly cleared, allowing you to stay warm and worry-free while we handle your snow removal needs. Trust us to be your top provider of snow removal services in Richmond Hill, keeping your property safe and accessible throughout the winter months.

Dependable Snow Removal Services

At King Kongtracting, we understand that planning for the unpredictable winter weather is essential for a successful season. Our team is committed to providing prompt and efficient service to keep your property clean, safe, and your commercial property running smoothly, regardless of the weather conditions. Rest assured, we’re fully equipped and prepared to tackle whatever winter throws at you, ensuring that your property remains clear and accessible throughout the season.

Residential Snow Removal
Snow Removal Services


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Residential and Commercial Snow Removal

Commercial Snow Removal Services

Residential Snow Removal

When it comes to residential snow removal, the importance of hiring a reliable, experienced, and professional company cannot be overstated. At King Kongtracting, we understand the significance of ensuring your property remains safe and accessible throughout the winter season. As a contract-based service, we offer peace of mind knowing that you’re covered all season long. Our commitment to excellence has earned us many loyal clients year after year. With our team of dedicated professionals, you can trust King Kongtracting to handle all your residential snow removal needs with efficiency and expertise, allowing you to enjoy a worry-free winter season.

Commercial Snow Removal Services

Commercial Snow Removal

Ensuring safe and clear property conditions is crucial for businesses, especially during inclement weather. With King Kongtracting Corporation, your paved areas and walkways will be promptly cleared throughout the winter season. Our commercial snow removal services include salt application and ice maintenance for optimal safety. We monitor weather conditions 24/7 and provide thorough tracking for your property, ensuring reliable service. As a fully insured company, you can trust us to handle your snow removal needs with professionalism and peace of mind. Choose King Kongtracting for reliable and efficient commercial snow removal services.


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